Hello beautiful people! My name is Maya and I’m very passionate about healthy living. I believe in living healthy naturally and by exercising. It is truly the only way.  I’m a firm believer that healthy body and healthy mind equal a healthy life. Thank you for sharing some of your time and reading my blog. Read my story below.

It all started when I got a job as a cosmetic consultant with Clinique then Dior in my late teens early twenties. However, I quickly learned that beauty is not only make up, beauty and health is so much more than that. Becoming a mother has only made my desire to become a better, healthier and stronger woman for my kids and my husband, but most importantly for me. Motherhood made me realize how important it is to maintain good physical and emotional health so I can be the best Mom and wife.

I have not always been this passionate or in tune with my health. At a young age I was always yo-yo dieting, doing quick fix diets that would work only for a couple of weeks and I would go back to my old habits. Gained a lot of weight after getting married and it only got worse with pregnancy. I decided it was time to stop feeling horrible in my own skin and body and educate my self on how to nourish my body, workout and enjoy it. I am not a personal trainer or a nutritionist, I have learned through research and hard work and my goal is to share and inspire people like me.

Post pregnancy weight loss
Left to right: 2006 (1 mo. post partum), 2012 (8 mo. pregnant) and 2015

I am full-time employed with a wonderful pediatric group, have 2 boys and I am happily married. It is possible to juggle all of this and be healthy physically and emotionally, follow me to see how I do it. 🙂


2005                    2013


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