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Hey there busy bees! Have you made another “new year new me resolution?” Today, I would like to introduce you to Taylor. She is taking over the blog to share her healthy tips on how to achieve your health and fitness resolution for good this year. 

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Aloha! My name is Taylor, and I often go by Fitgirlkoa. I first became interested in nutrition when I first started modeling, which was more than a few years back. I tried almost every diet imaginable, but being a kid and being Hawaiian I was not big on diet restriction. Eventually I earned a bachelor of science nutrition. In 2016 I entered my first NPC competition and placed first and second in my divisions, and then became a certified personal trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Ever since then I have been training clients, mostly online, and writing blogs about everything health and wellness related. I will be releasing a book on obesity and chronic disease later this year. 

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Resolutions to lose weight and get healthy are so common they are often laughed at and considered cliché. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention obesity rates in the US are still climbing, slowly, but still climbing. So why is it that so many people want to lose weight, but few are succeeding?

Our environment is jam-packed with factors contributing to our weight gain. Common contributors are hidden sugars in food products, convenience of fast food, high calorie meals in restaurants, sugary drinks, sedentary jobs and more. First we have to recognize what is contributing to our weight gain, otherwise we could find ourselves running in circles and becoming frustrated without seeing any results.

Next, is tracking your progress. Many people track the struggles, but not the success. You remember every coke or cookie you had to refuse, but rarely track each percentage of body fat lost. The first few weeks of life style change are generally considered to be the hardest. The first time you choose water over a coke, skip dessert or choose raw fruit instead, or actually finishing your thirty minutes on the elliptical are the hardest. I promise it does get easier. Because the first couple of weeks are the hardest, and you are likely not seeing the shredded body you are hoping for, people often give up early on. Tracking your progress can help measure your success and keep you motivated. If you have access to body fat tracking then by all means, do it. Some scales measure body composition. They are not the most accurate method, however they can be accurate enough to measure changes. For example, if you have a body fat percentage of 18% the scale may read 23%, however the scale may accurately measure a 3% drop.

Weighing yourself is an obvious measure. It is best to weigh yourself once weekly upon waking, after using the restroom and before you eat or drink anything. For the most accurate results try to ensure your body is in a similar state each time. For example, if you drink every other Saturday, measure your weight any morning other than Sunday. Your body will be dehydrated every other Sunday giving you inaccurate measures. Because caloric intake is often determined by body weight it is important to keep this measure as accurate as possible.

Progress pictures are my favorite, and are especially good if you are bulking. If you are bulking of course you may expect your weight to increase, but it’s hard to measure if you are gaining fat or muscle. Body composition helps in this area as well. If aesthetics are especially important to you, such as booty building or increasing the size of your chest, progress pictures are the best measure. When taking the pictures it is also important to ensure you take it in the morning, after using the restroom, before consuming anything. Stand in the same spot, use the same lighting and camera angle and wear the same clothes. Lighting can make a significant difference on the appearance of your body, so try to reproduce the same environment each time if possible.

Share your success!! You do not have to brag, because when you start to achieve your goals people will notice! They will ask you how you did it, what is your secret?

Also, remember why you started your journey. Did you make your fitness resolution because you want to ensure the best quality of life so you can enjoy your grandchildren? Do you want to look your best for your wedding? Setting a good example for loved ones? No matter what your motivation is, you must constantly keep it in the forefront of your mind. When you want to skip the gym and eat that pizza once, it is okay! You can still relax and enjoy life, but if you find yourself wanting to skip the gym and eat the pizza more than once a week, remember why you started. Remember that although it may take some time to achieve your goals, at least you are on the path to achieving them! When you repeatedly skip the gym and eat the pizza you are back on the same path that led you to creating the resolution in the first place! Achieve your goals not only for yourself, but to inspire the people around you!

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