Let’s have a picnic

Let’s have a picnic.

There is something about packing up food and laying on blanket outside that makes a simple meal more fun, taste better, and put you in a wonderful mood. As the weather is gets nicer, I wanted to share some inventive ways to have a fun and healthy picnic.

Here are occasions that you might want to picnic for:

Date Night:

Instead of booking a restaurant reservation, pack a candle lit picnic with your loved one and play your favorite music. Make sure to bring along some cheese and wine for this occasion!

Family Day:

Prepare fun kid friendly food and head out to your back yard or nearest park. Search for a local farm, pick some sweet fruit, and have a family picnic.

Mother’s Day:

Catch up with your mom or significant woman in your life and share memorable stories. Restaurants are packed and reserved weeks in advance around holidays. You can show her how much you care about her by preparing her favorite food.


Throw your child’s next birthday party in the park. Use old comforters or blankets for a perfect set up. Reuse old peach crates and fill them up with sandwiches, fun snacks and drinks. Use small mason jars as containers for fresh fruit and snacks like pretzels or candy. Once your guests arrive, have them flip their crates upside down and use it as a little table to enjoy their picnic on.

To help you out with your first picnic I am sharing a delicious and colorful sandwich recipe to help you enjoy every minute of these glorious warm days.


Pesto Caprese Sandwich


1 tomato, medium

3 tbsp. of pesto

1 loaf of ciabatta or French bread.

Fresh Mozzarella cheese.


Split loaf in half. Spread pesto sauce on one side. Add mozzarella cheese and tomatoes on the other. Press sandwich closed and wrap in baking sheet paper.

Cucumber and Carrots with Hummus Dip


Carrots sliced into dipping sticks,

Cucumber sliced into dipping sticks.

Hummus of your choice.

In a small mason jar, place 2 tablespoons of hummus into bottom of jar. Dip several carrots and cucumber sticks into hummus and close the jar.

Fruit salad Jar

2 small mason jars

2-3 medium strawberries

¼ cup of blueberries

¼ of raspberries

Rinse your fruit. Slice your strawberries into half. Mix fruit and pour into mason jars. Keep in fridge until ready to pack you picnic basket.

The positive effects of outdoor activities is just what we need. The fresh air will invigorate you and leave you feeling rejuvenated. Packing fun and healthy food to enjoy outside could become an awesome family ritual. You do no have to put too much thought into it. It can be a simple weekend morning activity to do, stroll in the park and have a breakfast that you can even prepare ahead of time.

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