Cardio vs. Strenght Training

With all the controversy going on in the fitness world on what works best for weight loss cardio or strength training/weight lifting I decided to let you know what I learned and tested.

First of all what plays a major decision on what you should do is the result you are looking to achieve.… Read the rest

Moms and finding time to work out


So this is the magic question..When do you find time to work out?

I am a very organized person, everything that goes on in our family is written on a calendar. I have a calendar hanging in our closet and every workout, appointment, playdate, friend visit, doctor appointment ect is written out.… Read the rest

My history with fitness

When it comes to fitness I am not going to lie it was not always something i loved. When I was in school I was active, played basketball and did track. For a long time track was something I loved but had a hard time controlling my breathing until I found out that I had exercise induced asthma, so once my mom figured that out it was love from there on out.… Read the rest